On the Rocks

Watch out the danger comin’

The anger, running through your blood. 

All saying, it makes you falling

No different than having,

Waterfalls on the rocks.


A sound was heard

Sound of an arrow

Brightest ever seen.

Through out the hole

Forgotten open

On the wall i built.

Silently flowed

Sharp and Shiny ever seen.

Made my eyes blew

Couldnt handle for a while

Frozen and astonished

Where the darkest room glowed

Glowed like never seen.

insane ?

There is a man shouting in my brain,

With all the blood flowing through his veils.

Kicking my nerves and putting all the blame,

Regardless feeling any guilt. IT’S INSANE !

Shaking his hand far away, to the man who sails.

I drink to forget

Makes me numb

Takes me high,

Hits me twice.

So here we are again

My oldest scottish friend,

Yaheyhey i say

Cheers to my grave !